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This guy should get an Oscar for not getting to the point. If selling is repeating what you perceive as key advantages, over and over again, without ever telling anyone what it is, then Jimmy Mengel takes the biscuit. Some might call it brain washing! Whatever, this guy can talk for America.




Batteries Now Obsolete?

The “Tesla Killer” Is Here. Apparently, and it is claimed that - American-Made - "Blue Gas" Has Elon Musk Furious!

Plus: The tiny stock behind the engine technology that’s making it possible. And why it's set to trade higher than Tesla within the next few months. Not our prediction, just reporting on third party claims.


Bold claims indeed, about what is essentially hydrogen and fuel cells. Yes, Blue Gas is hydrogen. We find this to be somewhat misleading. Because, Blue Hydrogen is hydrogen produced from Steam Methane Reformation, whereas true clean hydrogen is actually called Green Hydrogen. That is hydrogen produced from renewable sources such as solar and wind energy. Hence, perhaps their article should have been called Green Gas. It's a thought. As they say, we leave this to you to do your own research and come to your own conclusions.


There are two camps in the EV market, both with there own ideas about how our mobility infrastructure should comprise of. There are also hybrid vehicles with a foot in each camp, and lastly, there is the Climate Change Trust's view, that all such technology should be future proofed and backwards and forwards compatible.


But hey, take you own independent expert advice and read the up to date articles about investment trends.




FORBES 2019 - Startup fundraising drive nets Trevor Milton billionaire status.





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